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Timber Buyers

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Do you own more than 10 acres?
5 Things to consider before you sell your Timber:

1.  Will you receive full payment before cutting begins?
2. Will you receive a guaranteed, to the dollar appraisal?
3. Is your appraisal 100% profit to you or are there hidden costs?
4. How will your wood lot look after the timber harvest?
5.  What are the other nonfinancial benefits from timber harvesting?

Call today for your free, no obligation, customized timber appraisal and professional recommendations from an accredited forester.

Excellent Options for Purchasing Your Valuable Timber

As a local purchaser of hardwood timber, Green Ridge Forest Products is here to help you get a fair price for your standing timber. 

Because of the amount of timber that we are generally seeking, we prefer that any interested landowners have a minimum of 5 acres to appraise unless your area primarily consists of walnut trees that can be taken from areas smaller than 5 acres. Once we complete our appraisal, your payment will be made to you prior to the actual cutting and removal of the trees.

Lastly, our team will also make sure all of your trails are left clean and the landing area is properly seeded after the job is completed.

Hardwood Timber That We Purchase

•  Ash
•  Cherry
•  Hard maple
•  Hickory
•  Red oak
•  Walnut
•  White oak
•  Basswood

Get the Most of Your Timber Areas

Green Ridge Forest Products can also help you with tree harvesting, sawmill services, timber management planning, and convenient firewood delivery services.

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timber woods
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